Please enjoy the work of these fine artists from Antioch High School, studying under Ms. Emma Lancaster.

I illustrated the Right to Public Assembly. In the picture, I have a police man spraying a water hose at the protesting workers who are complaining about how much they work for beside the building they work at. I chose this because it is a classic seen in comics and because I think it was the wrong thing to do back then. My art is a reminder to people how lucky we are they don’t use water hoses any more.

~Elizabeth Savayvongthong, Age 16







When you first look at my art piece you see a woman laying in a bed. The woman is an angel, and the bed she is lying in is a jail cot. Her orange dress symbolizes the color one always thinks of when you hear the word jail. You can see the light coming through the bars as she lays there showing she is in a cell. I chose to use an angle of us being able to see over her as if we were God; seeing all the innocents that have been put into prison without actually being guilty. The art symbolizes every innocent person that has had their life torn away from them because of a false conviction, showing that we know they are there and that we will do something about it.

After this project I actually know my Human Rights, therefore I know others’ as well. If I ever saw someone invade or abolish someone’s given Human Rights I would have the backing from this knowledge to help restore to them what someone tried to steal away. I would do everything in my power to make sure no one ever took someone else’s rights away.

~Tabitha Abernathy, Age 17


I did not want to overcomplicate my drawing and the same applies for the message. It is all very simple. My piece visually displays eight people– all different races, all different colors, nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.

But the point and focus of it are the hearts. The heart remains constant in every person and is the representation of the soul and a person’s character. It is symbolic of humanity which does not differ from person to person. We are all capable of the same things if everyone is given an equal chance.

~Fabiola Lopez, Age 17

My art is a picture of different colored people with wings coming out of eggs flying out. I chose what I did because I felt that was the best way of making a picture showing all people are born free and equal . My art means that everyone is born the same, no one is different, and everyone gets to do everything every other human gets to do . The different colored people represent all the races and nationalities we have in the world, the egg represents when they are all born, and the wings on their back lets us know they are free.I learned that everyone that comes to America will be able to do everything any other American can do here and that they are all going to be treated the same . That you can’t do bad things to people that just look different or talk a different language .I will use what I learned to make the world a better place by reminding everyone that we are all the same, everyone has to be treated just how you would treat your mother and father.~William Maldonado, Age 16