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Celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and foundation of dignity
Beverly WattsThe TennesseanDecember 3, 2021
With the creation of United Nations (U.N.), the international community vowed to never again allow atrocities like those of World War II happen again.
World leaders decided to complement the U.N. Charter with a road map to guarantee the rights of individuals everywhere. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was first considered in 1946 at the first U.N. general assembly.
The work was assigned to the Commission on Human Rights, which was made up of 18 members from various backgrounds. Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, chaired the UDHR drafting committee and was the
driving force for adoption of the UDHR. … (link) (pdf)

Tennessee Celebrates International Human Rights Day 2021 on December 9
Cass TeagueThe Nashville PrideDecember 3, 2021
Tennesseans typically gather each year around December 10th to celebrate International Human Rights Day. During the event, leaders are acknowledged and awards go to human rights champions in three categories: Rising Advocate, Outstanding Service, and Lifetime Achievement. A committee of human rights organizations, nonprofits, and advocates, including the Tennessee Human Rights Commission, Metro Human Relations Commission, Tennessee United for Human Rights, the Church of Scientology, and others, work together each year to plan the event. This year, the committee opted to hold the event virtually for the second year in a row. … (link) (pdf)